Cosmetic Dentist New York City

Cosmetic Dentist New York City

There is a lot of power in a smile. Here at Cosmetic Dentist NYC, we know how important that smile is to you. Our philosophy is that you should never be embarrassed by your smile. It is one of the first things noticed about you and says a lot about who you are. We want to brighten your world one smile at a time. From our location, you can look out at Central Park while having your teeth fixed. We offer several services here that will help you get that beautiful smile back.

Services Offered

One service we offer at Cosmetic Dentist NYC is a smile makeover. We offer one of the most comprehensive makeovers in New York City. We help every patient get the life-changing smile they deserve. With our plethora of treatment options available we are very successful. First, you will receive a full orthodontic evaluation to develop the treatment plan that is right for you.

Another service offered is dental implants. A dental implant is a tooth that is connected directly to the jawbone. This could be one tooth or several. A dental implant acts as a natural tooth with function and stability. To get a dental implant, you will need to have several visits to the dentist’s office. It is a procedure that is intense and we at Cosmetic Dentist New York City, take every precaution to be sure everything goes according to plan. The dentist first installs the implant into the jawbone. Next, he will replace the root that is missing within the gums and finally he will put a crown on the implant.

Porcelain crowns are used to fix a tooth that is severely damaged. It could be damaged by decay or by accident. A porcelain crown is a cap that is placed on the tooth to repair it. The type of crown you get depends on the location and extent of the damage. The first thing the dentist will do is to get a molding of the tooth so the crown can be made to fit precisely. You will have a temporary crown until the permanent one is made then it will be put in.

Porcelain veneers are often confused with porcelain crowns. A crown caps your tooth, but a veneer is an ultra-thin shell that covers the entire tooth. A porcelain veneer is custom-made. This is one way to avoid surgery while restoring your smile. This is usually the best option for a tooth that is worn down or badly stained.

Endodontic surgery is also offered for the patients whose root canal did not work.

Orthodontics is known for braces, but that is not all Orthodontics entails. It is correcting the specific placement and position of the teeth and jaws.

There are other services offered here at Cosmetic Dentist New York City. Some of them are root canals, Invisalign. Whitening, and fixed bridges. All these procedures are done in the most comfortable way possible. We try to make sure our clients have an enjoyable time with less stress than they expect.

Cosmetic Dentist New York City