And we are always here to make sure your teeth are keeping up with your style!



And we are always here to make sure your teeth are keeping up with your style!



And we are always here to make sure your teeth are keeping up with your style!



And we are always here to make sure your teeth are keeping up with your style!



And we are always here to make sure your teeth are keeping up with your style!

Welcome To Cosmetic Dentist NYC Dr. Bob Perkins

It is difficult to measure the power of a beautiful smile, but in his two decades of practicing cosmetic dentistry, NYC dentist Bob Perkins, DDS has seen firsthand the incredible strength of feeling confident with your smile. Dr. Perkins works closely with each patient to discuss their vision for their smile, then begins the process of outlining the various treatment options which can include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, or similar services. We are your go-to Cosmetic Dentist in NYC. Schedule your appointment online, or call us today! (646) 798-8008


You’re In The Care Of The Top Cosmetic Dentist In NYC – Dr. Bob Perkins 


For the past two decades, Dr. Perkins has been servicing a broad clientele in Malibu, and now he brings his service to you, as the best Cosmetic Dentist in NYC for every dentistry need. His experience is unparalleled to that of any standard or chain dentistry location you’ll find, no matter how hard you look. You deserve to be handled by the absolute best there is, and that is none other than Dr. Perkins. Congratulations; you’ve just found your personal and family dentist for the rest of your life.


The Man Behind The Smile: Dr. Bob Perkins


To list degrees and credentials when talking about the personality and compassion of a renown dentist isn’t how you get to know them. Dr. Perkins didn’t enter dentistry to fulfill monetary goals, or to dominate an industry—he’s truly there for you and your smile makeover. With the in-depth knowledge he bolsters, you’ll leave his office not only brimming with far more confidence than you ever thought possible, but well-informed. You’ll have a unique perspective on your dental care, and the exact steps that it took to get there.

When you sit down at a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Perkins, you’ll forget that you’re in a dentist’s office. He spends time getting to know you and what it is you look for in a makeover. His passion comes out in every word, complimenting his experience and professionalism. Dr. Perkins will become your family dentist in a heartbeat, adapting to each family members’ wants and needs. You’ll wonder why it’s taken so long for you to find Dr. Perkins and his practice.


Our Philosophy


You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed of your smile. One of the first things we notice in someone is their smile. It’s an imperative part of social interactions, workplace performance and morale, and so much more than that. We’re here to brighten your world up, and we’ve been doing it one smile at a time.

You won’t find more high-quality NYC dental care anywhere else besides our office. Getting a beautiful smile makeover should come with a beautiful view—gaze out into Central Park from our desireable location. Anyone who cares about their smile and holistic health is encouraged to sit down with Dr. Perkins, discuss the details, talk about the benefits, and see just what he can do for you.


Your Smile Matters Most To Us


There’s nothing that gives you more confidence than an absolutely picture perfect smile. You’ll light up the room and steal the spotlight, and everyone will want to know your secret. Dr. Perkins is passionate about dentistry. Here are some of the things he can do for you:


Smile Makeover 


Dr. Perkins offers the most comprehensive smile makeover in NYC that you could ever hope to find. You shouldn’t let your smile hold you back from living your life to the fullest. It’s extremely easy to prioritize other investments ahead of your own oral healthcare, but it’s never a smart move. New gadgets can wait; your smile can’t.

Dr. Perkins takes immense pride in the abilities at his disposal to help every client who walks through his doors, each striving to achieve that perfect smile, and the one they know they deserve. There are a plethora of treatment options available, each proven critically life-changing for every patient involved.

You will require a consultation and full orthodontic evaluation to develop a plan that meets your specific needs. An effective treatment plan is the map which Dr. Perkins uses to ensure optimal care, with the best possible results. Don’t let trepidation about making an appointment at a dentist office keep you from contacting Dr. Perkins and his exceptional team. Adults and children alike are often afraid to lean back in the chair, but the fact of the matter is that there’s absolutely nothing to fear. When you enter Dr. Perkins’ office, you’ll be able to take a deep breath, and relax. Your smile makeover shouldn’t wait any longer.


Dental Implants 


The authority on dental implants in NYC is none other than Dr. Perkins. When you get dental implants, they connect directly to your jawbone, mimicking the function and stability of a real tooth. If you have a missing tooth, the bone lacks necessary stimulants, which can lead to atrophy and slight morphing of your facial structure.

Receiving dental implants requires visiting our NYC dental office for a few appointments. This is an intensive procedure, and Dr. Perkins goes the extra mile to ensure that everything is going according to plan. He will install the implant to the jawbone, replace the missing root within the gums, and lastly, attach a crown to the implant. It’s the most effective, and personally recommended method by Dr. Perkins himself.


Porcelain Crowns


Those boasting the best porcelain crowns in NYC came straight from Dr. Perkins’ office. If you’ve ever had a tooth that has become severely damaged, you’ve probably heard the term porcelain crown tossed around before. It is a cap that repairs the broken areas of your tooth. Depending on what area, and what tooth has been damaged, you’ll be given an array of options of crowns to choose from.

Before you can get a crown cap placed over a tooth, you’ll need a molding of the tooth that requires attention. This determines the proper way to go about custom designing your crown to conform to the shape of your mouth, and to go along with any other potential cosmetic makeover elements you may be receiving in the near future with Dr. Perkins.


Porcelain Veneers 


Porcelain veneers are completely different from porcelain crowns. While crowns cap your tooth, porcelain veneers are extremely thin custom-made shells that cover the surface of your teeth. This improves your smile, without the need for invasive surgery. If you want the best porcelain veneers in NYC, you’ll need Dr. Perkins.

These are typically great options for those with worn-down teeth through erosion, or otherwise stained teeth. While it’s been up for debate, porcelain veneers are a far better option for longevity, and a stellar smile, as opposed to resin veneers. You need a dentist that knows the difference between quality materials and an inexpensive, low-grade fix. Let Dr. Perkins do all the legwork, and bring the options before you. You’ll be given options that Dr. Perkins would use himself; there’s no salesman pitch here, only what’s best for you.


Endodontic Surgery


This process befalls your oral health care when a tooth which has received a root canal resists. If it can’t be saved, endodontic surgery is your last option. Without sugarcoating anything, you’ll be told at full disclosure just what consists of the endodontic surgery process.




These don’t consist solely of braces; this is the specific nature of tooth placement and positioning. It’s equivalent to having a cartographer for the interior of your mouth. This process looks at the lengths of every single aspect, including the visibility of teeth, positioning of the upper and lower jaw, and more. It’s where the full smile makeover begins, by defining the orthodontics, and positioning a plan for your best interest.


Root Canals


These are run-of-the-mill procedures that occur every day. Sometimes, there’s no plausible reason as to why a tooth has begun the process of decay. Dr. Perkins will, in most cases, be able to save this dying tooth from the finality of an extraction.

A root canal consists of just what you would expect; entering the root, and removing built-up bacteria in the form of infected pulp. It can be replaced with a plastic or metal rod, and finally, capped-off to leave your tooth looking exceptional, as if nothing ever happened. All the pain will be alleviated in due time, and your smile will shine brighter than it did when you walked into Dr. Perkins’ office.




You don’t have to settle for less. There are dozens of offices claiming to offer the best services for Invisalign in NYC, however, nobody knows Invisalign like Dr. Perkins. If you want to achieve the best, straightest smile possible, Invisalign may be perfect for you. It’s an option for those with mild to moderate crowding of the teeth. You’ve been hearing about Invisalign for years, and now, it’s a possibility with Dr. Perkins.


Teeth Whitening


First impressions last a lifetime. If your smile is nice and straight, but it lacks that illuminating sheen you’ve been desiring, teeth whitening is perfect for you. Through these safe methods exercised by Dr. Perkins, you’ll enjoy a more radiant, glowing smile in no time. If you’re an avid soda, wine or coffee drinker, you may notice some discoloration forming over time. Teeth whitening can take care of these stains and restore your teeth back to optimal health and condition. 


Fixed Bridges


There’s no other office that tailors to fixed bridges in NYC quite like that of Dr. Perkins. If you’re in need of bridging to replicate natural teeth with a seamless look, this is exactly the type of service you’re looking for. Fixed bridges have come a long way, and Dr. Perkins has the most recent technology available to ensure a flawless experience.

Apart from his all-around experience, Dr. Perkins has received specific training to perform this procedure like second nature. There’s no higher quality practice offering these services in all of New York City; you’ve found your one-stop dental shop for every cosmetic dentistry need you may have.



Team Standards


What is a great leader without his team? Dr. Perkins operates alongside his trustworthy and faithful staff, as seen below. It is incredible to know that your dentist will not only deliver the most critical feature—your oral health—but also deliver an outstanding office performance. Issues with healthcare, payments, scheduling and everything in between can all be handled by the expert staff that manage the day-to-day operations.

You’ll come in once as a welcomed stranger, and leave a member of the family. Professionalism and friendliness are only a couple of excellent descriptions of the wonderful staff that keep Dr. Perkins on the frontline of stupendous customer care, perfectly complimenting his brilliant expertise in dentistry. Their smiles are a testament to the phenomenal job Dr. Perkins can do for your own smile.


Experience Speaks For Itself


There are two different ways most people look for surety in selecting any service, but especially when choosing the right dentist. You can either glance at our reviews, showcasing the strengths that Dr. Perkins and the entire team possess, or look at solid credentials. There’s no way to fake these results. Take a look at the before and after photos here on our website.

These are all real people, showing their real results. They don’t have anything to hide anymore; their smiles have been completely remade to better highlight the confidence they’re feeling inside. With an expert job like these, what do you have to hide from? After one consultation with Dr. Perkins, you’ll be itching to climb into the chair and have your smile transformed into the bright, excellent ray of confidence you’ve been trying to show the world all along.


Visit Dr. Bob Perkins


Exceptional reviews and world-class experience is wonderful, but the only way you’ll know how Dr. Perkins cosmetic dentistry can remake your smile is by calling or visiting our location, as seen below. We are absolutely positive that you will have an enjoyable, calm and easy time. There’s no need to fear the dentist ever again; Dr. Perkins will melt away all of your worries, and any anxiety that comes with making an appointment. You won’t know for certain until you visit us; when you do, you’ll leave with confidence and a radiant smile that will have everybody talking.

About Dr. Bob Perkins

Amazing attention to detail by Dr. Perkins coupled with superior & friendly staff at the most gorgeous location right next to Central Park. Anyone who cares about their smile & holistic health should switch to Dr. Perkins. He is humble, the best at his craft, a cool guy, and he does everything with zest, passion, and it shows by who he attracts. I recommend him all the time to people I love, goes without saying my friends and family, and I wish everyone just takes care of their oral health and outer being/inner being the way I do. I cannot say enough cool things about Dr. Perkins----Just call for a consultation and you will wish you had called him when you were younger!

Our Philosophy

The highest quality cosmetic dental care in New York City can be found at Dr. Perkins’ office. Cosmetic dentistry is an all-encompassing approach to perfecting a smile that goes far beyond appearances. It begins with the healthy placement and structure of the jaw, teeth, gums, and tongue, so a full oral evaluation is always necessary before treatment can be recommended. The key to a long-lasting smile is taking all factors into account when creating a treatment plan. It is absolutely vital that no steps are skipped in the journey to a perfect smile. Dr. Perkins spends time with each patient to ensure their satisfaction from start to finish. If you desire a smile makeover, New York City patients should look no further than Dr. Bob Perkins dental practice to deliver exactly what you need.

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