Porcelain Crowns NYC

Significant damage to the structure of a tooth often requires the use of a porcelain crown in order to repair it. Depending on the placement of the tooth, various types of crowns are available. NYC Dentist will assess the structural decay or damage and discuss proper treatments with patients before performing this procedure.

Porcelain crowns NYC are cemented onto existing teeth in order to strengthen teeth or to improve shape and appearance. They are carefully matched to the whiteness of the surrounding teeth so as to blend in seamlessly with the smile. Proper crowns should not cause any discomfort to the patient. In just two visits, NYC Dentist can transform a damaged tooth back to a healthy and strong one.

NYC Dentist may recommend porcelain crowns to his New York City patients who have a weak tooth at risk of fracturing or a tooth that has fractured, as well as a tooth that has required a root canal treatment. Porcelain crowns may also be used to cover a poorly shaped or discolored tooth, or to cover a dental implant. A crown can also improve biting and chewing abilities, which plays a large role in overall digestive health.

Before a crown can be created, an impression must be taken of the tooth which requires a crown. The correct shade of porcelain must be determined before the crown can be made. A temporary crown is placed on the damaged tooth while the crown is being created. At the following appointment, the temporary crown is replaced with the permanent crown.

By practicing proper oral hygiene, a well-made crown can last a lifetime. Patients are recommended to brush teeth and floss gums daily, as well as visit their hygienist regularly to ensure oral health.

If you are in need of a New York City dentist consultation to discuss porcelain crowns, give NYC Dentist’ office a call today. Having trained at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute, NYC Dentist has built his practice around a patient-centered foundation providing the highest quality dentistry. Contact our New York City office today to discuss your porcelain crown consultation, and be sure to visit our photo gallery to see incredible results from NYC Dentist’ patients.