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Often times, patients associate orthodontics with braces, but orthodontics is much more than this. Orthodontics considers the placement and positioning of the teeth within the mouth, the positioning of the upper and lower jaws, visibility of teeth, and the future movement of teeth as the patient ages, as well as many other factors that contribute to a healthy and long-lasting smile. NYC Dentist is a highly esteemed New York City dentist offering top quality dental care and orthodontics to a wide variety of patients. Orthodontics NYC office has only received 5-star reviews! The experience our patients have here is our top priority, and we aim to exceed your expectations. Give us a call today for your free consultation.


An Intricate Overview of Orthodontics


The very word derives from the Greek word, “orthos,” which means perfectly straight and aligned, and “odous” which means tooth. Orthodontics were the first recognized field of modern-day dentistry, receiving this recognition in 1880. The history of Orthodontics isn’t very long, but its innovations have been state of the art as time progressed, leading us to now: the greatest day and age for Orthodontic procedures for both dentists and patients alike.


People often ask, “But what is an Orthodontist? Isn’t it just like a dentist?” In some regards, you could say that. Orthodontists deal in assisting your oral health in different aspects. Dentistry is a broad spectrum; Orthodontics narrow that field down to promote specialty in underbites, overbites, crowded teeth or misaligned teeth. This requires a different level of schooling, as well. NYC Dentist is proud to be a specialist in all fields of dentistry.


What Orthodontics Do To Help You


We’ve talked about what they do, but how do they help you on your oral health journey? When you visit your normal dentist, they will sometimes consult an orthodontist. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were truly one in the same? NYC Dentist takes place of both, saving you time and additional costs, all in one appointment. Allowing an Orthodontist to plan out your smile is the key element of a smile makeover, and the secret weapon to engineering those red carpet-worthy smiles.

When you visit an Orthodontist, they’ll be able to help with those issues we mentioned earlier. They deal with them in some of the following ways:


  • Misaligned Teeth: There are multiple reasons that one’s teeth can suffer from misalignment. These include overlapping and crooked teeth. A misaligned jaw structure can be the cause of a multitude of dental issues. Misaligned teeth can wear down neighboring teeth in your mouth, and create difficulties with properly chewing food. When your bite isn’t hitting in the exact way that it’s supposed to, you’re far more likely to chip a tooth, as well. NYC Dentist will take multiple x-rays of your face, and potentially take teeth impressions to determine exactly what the issue is and the best approach for fixing it.


  • Crowded Teeth: If your teeth appear to be colliding, you may likely be suffering from crowded teeth. In this case, you may be a good candidate for braces or Invisalign to help space the teeth to where they should be, while still focusing on creating a beautiful appearance and aligning your teeth properly.


  • Overbite: An overbite is when your top row of teeth overlap your bottom, which can push your lower jaw backwards and give your face a rounded shape. However, there are two different types of overbites, both of which NYC Dentist is equipped to help you with.

    Skeletal Overbite: This occurs when your lower jaw is physically inadequate; when your jaws don’t match up just right, you’re left with a malocclusion.


Dental Overbite: A dental overbite is when your jaws do match up, but over time, your lower jaw closed too far back, and has become pushed backwards. This is completely fixable in a short amount of time.


  • Underbite: This is when the lower jaw sticks out further than it is supposed to and overlaps the top row of teeth, forcing them to fall behind it. While this is a rarity amongst most dental problems, it can still be a big issue that you’ll want to consult NYC Dentist on. Varying degrees of jaw pain and speech impediments can be caused by an underbite. For children, there is a specific type of mask that can be worn to slowly fix this issue. However, if the damage has been ongoing for many years, oral surgery may be required.


Orthodontic Braces


While it is uncommon practice for adults to receive braces, it may sometimes the best option. More often than not, this is done in children to prevent these issues from carrying on through adulthood. However, there are those who have been known to receive braces more than one time throughout their life.


The issues listed above, such as underbite and overbite, will become clear even before the age of seven. In children, this is the opportune time to begin seeking out braces to fix these issues. Even if you simply begin the process of seeking further dental treatment, there may be other ways for your small child to have this issue corrected without implementing braces right away. NYC Dentist will have a full list of options available for you and your child, depending on your specific situation.


In adults, braces can be implemented to correct issues in your thirties and forties. Truly, there’s no timeline on correction issues and getting that great smile back. NYC Dentist can not only recommend other means at correcting your issues, but can assist you in selecting the most attractive, least-obstructive design of adult braces if that is the best path.


If you’re committed to correcting your teeth and earning back that phenomenal, confidence-filled smile you had before, you need to visit NYC Dentist and see what he can do for you. In the consultation phase, you’ll have a deep understanding of just who your new dentist is and exactly what he can do for you.


Harmful Habits That Inhibit Your Tooth Alignment


Extensive damage often occurs over a period of time, and there are certain habits which attribute to every difficulty you or your children may face in oral healthcare. If you want to stop bad oral health and misalignment before it happens, you can look out for these habits, and correct them.


  • Thumb Sucking: This is a common practice in children as a means of comfort, and if left alone, can carry on through adulthood. Some adults still suck their thumbs at night while going to sleep, and it only causes further damage to your teeth. In most cases, this results in overbites/underbites as you are not properly aligning your jaw. In the case of your children sucking their thumb, praise them when they aren’t doing it, without being confrontational.


  • Tongue Thrust: This is, very simply, not positioning your tongue properly when you swallow. This can also be caused by thumb sucking, however, it can also occur in infants when they’re bottle-fed, mouth breathing when allergies are constantly causing congestion, and more. With tongue thrust, certain appliances can be put in place to help correct this issue.


  • Fingernail Biting: While it’s not the largest contributor, biting your nails can wear down your front teeth faster, causing misalignment damage your bite. This will only lead to more problems, such as the potential for chipping other teeth through improper biting.


  • Tooth Grinding: One of the largest issues in all aspects of dentistry, is tooth grinding. This occurs when you sleep, and clench your jaw extra tight. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your jaw, and far more on your gums. While most of these issues are caused by stress as opposed to other aspects, you can fracture your teeth, and even micro-fracture them. Micro-fracturing is especially harmful, because more often than not, it’s invisible to the naked eye. These are weakened areas of your teeth which leave them susceptible to future damage.


  • Hard Brushing: Yes, brushing your teeth is paramount to proper dental care. However, some people brush too hard and apply more pressure than is necessary to get an effective clean smile. You can actually damage your enamel this way, making it more likely to develop gingivitis through weakening of gums, and making you a prime candidate for easy cavities. You need a toothbrush that brushes away plaque properly, without being too harsh.


Why You Need An Orthodontist


Many believe a simple internet search will yield everything they need to know to correct these issues on their own. The truth is, humans have been trying to correct tooth alignment and perfect smiles for thousands of years, and now, we have Orthodontics. Even when it comes to correcting the damage done by thumb sucking or other contributors, it’s absolutely necessary to consult with a licensed Orthodontic doctor. Self-diagnosing is under no circumstances a reliable means of deciding what needs to be done. Self-treating is even worse; this should never be done, and can potentially damage your teeth beyond repair.


Our team is trained to handle every type of Orthodontic procedure, and equipped to know exactly what is required. You shouldn’t trust a second-rate dentist to handle your Orthopedic care. It is arguably the most important part of your dental care, and determines far more than current issues, but can also determine possible issues you may face in the future. Absolutely every shred of knowledge NYC Dentist has at his disposal will go into your care, giving you the most comprehensive results that will far exceed your expectations.


Your smile has been bothering you for a long time now. Don’t have to be afraid to make an appointment or sit down at a consultation. You’ve been waiting far too long, and now it’s your time to have that radiant smile you’ve always wanted. There’s no scrutiny, no judgment, and absolutely no reason to wait. NYC Dentist has nothing but your best care in mind, and wishes to help you regain that phenomenal smile. It all starts with picking up the phone.


Who Else But NYC Dentist?


For patients in New York City seeking trustworthy orthodontic dental care, a consultation with NYC Dentist is highly recommended. We place the patient experience at the top of our priorities and make sure that each patient who comes through our doors is comfortable and fully satisfied with their experience. NYC Dentist’ highly trained orthodontic practice is built using the most advanced orthodontic techniques to achieve the desired results and exceed patient expectations.  


Patients often come to NYC Dentist reporting head, neck, or jaw pain caused by the positioning of the teeth and jaws. While the process takes time to fully complete, various orthodontic procedures can be utilized to restructure the teeth and jaws to the most natural and healthy position. With such a wide variety of orthodontic procedures offered by NYC Dentist, a consultation always recommended. We will examine the current structure and positioning of the jaws and teeth and discuss what the desired result is. You can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of, with quality that can’t be found anywhere else in NYC. Take a moment to view our before & after gallery to see for yourself the happy that NYC Dentist has helped. We pride ourselves on offering a patient experience that cannot be found in any other dental office in New York City. 


NYC Dentist is the top dentist in New York City for orthodontic services. Having trained at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute, NYC Dentist has built his practice around a patient-centered foundation providing the highest quality dentistry. Contact our New York City office today to discuss your orthodontic consultation. We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud of!


“I’m VERY happy with how my teeth are turning out, very aesthetically pleasing. NYC Dentist did an amazing job with my braces and helping my teeth move in the right direction and rather quickly.” -Marissa B