Many patients desire a beautiful, straight smile but would prefer not to wear metal braces in order to achieve the result. In these cases, Invisalign clear braces are an excellent treatment option. While certain cases may require a more intensive orthodontic treatment plan, Invisalign can be an option for those having mild to moderate crowding. With our advanced imaging technology, you can see what your future smile can look like even before treatment begins. Call Invisalign NYC today!

For this procedure, clear orthodontic aligners are used to straighten teeth without the use of metal or wires such as with traditional braces. Each aligner must be worn for about 20 hours per day for weeks at a time, with the entire process stretching anywhere between six months to two years depending on the treatment plan. The aligner can be removed temporarily to allow for eating, brushing, and flossing, making it an extremely convenient treatment option for many patients.  In order for Invisalign to achieve the desired results, it is vital that patients follow the necessary steps to aid in the positive progression of the treatment plan. If you are desiring a straighter, fuller smile, Invisalign may be the solution for you.

Why Choose Invisalign NYC?

For New York City patients, your smile makeover begins here. Patients trust NYC Dentist for his superior quality dental care in New York City. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty and an art, and you want to be sure you are in the right hands. A consultation with NYC Dentist is recommended in order to discuss your vision for your smile and available treatment options. Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see incredible results from NYC Dentist’ patients. Call Invisalign NYC today!

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