Looking for dentures in nyc?

For patients who have experienced severe tooth loss, dentures NYC may be the most appropriate treatment option. Partial dentures can be used as a replacement for groups of teeth that are missing in different areas of the mouth by attaching to the existing teeth and blending in with the gumline in a natural and comfortable way. Full dentures are recommended for patients who have experienced total loss of the upper or lower teeth, or both. Dentures are removable to allow for appropriate oral cleaning, however they can still provide the strength and durability necessary for a comfortable experience for the patient.

In order to ensure the dentures fit perfectly, impressions will be taken so that your custom dentures can be made. Various gum and tooth shades are available and will be carefully selected so that the dentures will blend with the natural teeth and gumline. For dental care in New York City, patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with denture specialist Dr. Bob Perkins to discuss the various treatment options available. Denture repairing and relining is also offered through NYC Dentist’ office.

New York City cosmetic dentist Dr. Bob Perkins is highly trained in this specialized service and a consultation is recommended to make sure all of your questions are answered. NYC Dentist has extensive experience providing denture services to patients, and it has changed their lives. Patients are often surprised at how natural their dentures look and feel. While many patients come to NYC Dentist with concerns over switching to dentures, his patients are always pleased with the results. We have been rated top denture dentist in NYC multiple times!

NYC Dentist is the top dentist in New York City for denture services. Having trained at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute, NYC Dentist has built his practice around a patient-centered foundation providing the highest quality dentistry. Contact our New York City office today to discuss your denture consultation, and be sure to visit our photo gallery to see incredible results from NYC Dentist’ patients.