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Live Dental Surgery Training

What are the live dental surgery training benefits?

The live dental training involves the use of live patients in training dentists. Specialists in various areas take the students through the course as they carry out different dental procedures to help patients. A majority of dental learning institutions use models to train their students. Many practising dentists have gone through the model-based training, and they have faced a lot of challenges when it comes to helping patients in a real-life situation. Our doors are open to all dentists who are willing to get real experience as well as sharpen their skills. You are free to register in our next intake and meet our team of experts who are more than willing to train you.

Why should every dentist go through live dental surgery?

Dentistry is a broad profession, and the dentists go through various training models before graduating from college. However, what makes the difference is the type of training they get from their respective institutions. Model-based dental training is widespread in many colleges, although it's not the best, here is why you should enrol for live dental surgery based training;

1. Get real-life experience
Our institution uses live patients to train dental students. Therefore you will gain the relevant experience, and by the end of the course, you will not have any fears of handling patients. Knowledge is key in dentistry, and that’s exactly what we offer to all our students. Our institution doubles up as a dental care center and a learning facility. The students are attached to a dental specialist who trains them as he/she treats the patient.

2. Learn through live practical
Every dentist should be good at performing various dental procedures such as teeth whitening, tooth extraction, and dental implants among many others. Therefore dental training should be full of practical and not theories that some training centers offer. We understand that the use of dental models to train students can help, but it lacks the realness required in the industry. Our students learn through handling patients who visit our facility. In other words, we give the students the experience they should have acquired while working.

3. Meet the tremendous dental minds in the world
Our institution has the best dental specialists who have been working for many years. Thus we understand their area of specialization very well. Imagine learning from the best brains in the region, we guarantee that by the end of your course you will also be among the top dentists in the region. Depending on the area you choose to specialize in, a specialist is waiting for you. The dental experts will at some point give you the chance to perform various dental procedures as they guide you.

Who do we admit in our live dental surgery training courses?
We admit practising dentists who feel they need to gain more skills and experience that they did not get from their previous colleges. The dentists who would also like to specialize in a specific area in the profession are also given priority in our institution. We also offer various courses to the aspiring dentists who meet the necessary qualifications. Contact us today for more information.


Live Dental Surgery Training

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